My name is Megan Bohall and thank you so much for coming to my site. I am a 20-year-old Drake University journalism Sophomore studying Digital Media Production and Graphic Design. I am a Des Moines native and have lived here my whole life, although this doesn’t mean I like to stay in one spot. 

I have traveled to many places, but my favorite trip was one I took spring of 2018 with my Advance Photography class at Central Campus. We flew to Italy and Greece spending ten inspirational days emerging ourselves into the rich artistic culture, and of course, the food. 

Along with my advanced photography class, throughout high school, I was involved in the North High Oracle and North High’s yearbook. During my sophomore, junior and senior year I was blessed to have had the opportunity to attend three of the National High School Journalism Convention’s sponsored by the Journalism Education Association. These three-day conventions bring high school students not only from around the country but even around the world to teach them all about journalistic writing, photography and design. 

Being involved in journalism didn’t stop at high school. Through my years at Drake, I have been published four times in three issues of Drake Mag and published for Drake Mag Online. I also currently am the co-host of a podcast called CornerTalk with a fellow Drake journalism student. Being co-host of CornerTalk has taught me many valuable lessons and I enjoy editing content, designing logos and promoting the podcast. 

Outside of school, I enjoy watercolor painting, playing the ukulele and constantly scrolling on all my social media. I enjoy being a busy bee and don’t mind having a packed schedule. Keeping some open time to enjoy my hobbies, although when your hobbies become a part of your major or job it makes it hard to stop.

When I am not in school or enjoying my hobbies, you can find me at the Merle Hay Starbucks wearing a green apron. As a barista, I have become obsessed with coffee and teas and love to spend any free time making up drinks and trying them all. If you ever need a coffee or tea recommendation, then I am who you should come to.  

So, if you see a girl on Drake University’s campus with a smile on her face and coffee in her hand, that’s me come say hi! And if you are in need of a photographer or graphic designer feel free to email me at

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